This is the first ever Girlz ‘N’ Games comic, drawn in 2004. This was at a time when I was spending a lot of time (probably too much) on NAG (New Age Gaming) magazine’s online forums, and the place was all abuzz over the long-awaited release of Doom 3. You know, the usual exuberant fanboy stuff.

Doom 3

Anyway, at the time I was supposed to be working with a graphic designer to create the strip, but when that plan fell through I ended up both conceptualising and drawing the strip myself… after I hadn’t picked up an art pencil in over a year. Girlz ‘N’ Games was born!

As you can see, technically the strip is pretty weak. Along with trying a different, more realistic cartooning style, I experimented with different line thicknesses and that didn’t quite work.

Still, though, I think it’s worth noting that the woman in panels 3 and 4 is probably the GNG character of Erin in her earliest depiction… or at least is a model on which Erin was based. Also, looking back at the strip now, I should really resurrect Panel 2’s goth girl as a reoccurring character – she has a lot of potential.